Learn to Ride training

If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike, or maybe you’ve never had the chance to try, Learn to Ride is the course for you.

Held in accessible, local venues across Greater Manchester, Learn to Ride courses are led by a qualified instructor and teach the basics of the bike. You’ll be trained in a group of people of a similar ability. We provide bikes and helmets, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Over two hours you’ll learn:

  • Things you should check before each ride
  • Getting on your bike, balancing and getting off again
  • Starting and stopping
  • Using the bike’s gears
  • How to look, signal and turn
  • Steering your bike and stopping quickly if you need to

On the Road training

Already cycle, but lack the confidence or knowledge to take your bike onto the road? This one-to-one course is for you.

Our expert instructors offer tailored training so you’ll have the time and personal support to feel confident cycling on the road.

We’ll come to you during the day, in the evening or at weekends; just choose what suits and have your bike at the ready. Best of all, the training is free.

Our instructors will take you through real-life situations on and off the roads. They'll also be able to offer advice on route planning, confidence tips and how to get the most from your bike. Before you know it you'll be breezing through the jams on your way to work.

There’s no problem with being a novice rider either, our instructors can help improve your skills while you learn to control your bike with sessions starting in a traffic-free space if needs be.

Easy Maintenance - FREE courses and advice

Ride Leader Training

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